Pasona Tech Viet Nam

Sale Admin

Dong Nai
- Team sale: 2 people (this position will support that 2 person)
Main Responsibilities:
- Make orders, make PO for customers
- Tracking and issuing red invoices to customers
- Checking and tracking debts from customers
- Contact and remind payment schedule with customers
- Other tasks as assigned by Manager.

$375 ~ $500 (USD)

Interior Project Management

Ho Chi Minh City
Main Responsibilities:
1. Project management and on-site supervision (schedule management, customer/vendor coordination, reporting, quality control, trouble-shooting)
2. Negotiation and coordination with interior designers, contractors, building management companies, etc.
3. Various coordination with internal sales and technical staff
4. Meetings and coordination with clients (estimate confirmation, status reports, site management, etc.)
5. Preparation of various documents
6. Other
May be required to travel to the south-central part of Vietnam.
Depending on the progress of the project, late-night work and weekend work may be required on rare occasions.
It is a plus if you can also do the following
7. Drawing interior design is a plus.

It is expected to work in a ratio of 35% in the office and 65% in the field.
$1,000 ~ $1,800 (USD)


Ho Chi Minh City
Environment: Serious, Supportive, Extrovert, Warm, Proffesional….
Attractive point: Clean office, warm environment, good facilities,
Main Responsibilities:
・Perform any and all secretarial works assigned, including but not limited to arrangement of appointments, business trips and meetings; preparation of mail and other written documents, such as meeting minutes; and all guest reception related duties; including:
・Answer and appropriately direct incoming phone calls
・Receive mail and distribute it to the appropriate personnel
・Handle all outgoing mail, including parcels and confidential envelopes
・Prepare, bind and retrieve documents, records and reports
・Purchase and manage office materials, equipment, and stationary
・Liaison with internal and external contacts as assigned by lawyers
・Read and write English emails
・Conduct research on business information for the firm and its clients
・Supervise all cleaning/organizing
・Set up and manage the firm’s library
・Perform other secretarial / administrative duties as assigned
~ $2,000 (USD)

IT Support Staff

Ho Chi Minh City
Main Responsibilities:
• Translate/interpret in Japanese for VNIS tasks:
- Translate documents/discussion among Vietnam IS members and headquarters
- Interpret in periodical/non-periodical meetings between Vietnam IS members and
- Interpret in some meetings of Vietnam members and headquarters
• Solve IT support requests directly from Cybozu employees
• Support IT for internal and external events (seminar, workshop)
• Set up PCs (hardware, software) and mobile devices
• Manage accounts
• Manage shared IT devices
• Create IT guides
• Involve in purchasing procedures and documents
• Work with service providers
~ $1,000 (USD)

GA and Sales Assistant

Ho Chi Minh City
Main Responsibilities:
・ Work as Interpreter/Translator/Secretary (Japanese ⇔ Vietnamese, Japanese ⇔ English, Vietnamese ⇔ English)
・ General affairs (including communication with the head office in Japan)
・ Work with outsourcing consultants about accounting, salary, labor, etc.
・ Handle tasks related to Deposit and withdrawal (including cashier work, invoice issuance and management)
・ In-house organization and management of various documents
・ Support for Insurance sales (support for marine cargo insurance, new proposals and renewals for tenants in our building, etc.)
・ Accompany other employee to visit customers.
・ IT security (in-house implementation and management of the security rules following the Japanese head office)
・Overtime and Business trip if in need
~ $1,260 (USD)


Ho Chi Minh City
A company established December 2013 in HCMC.
We are a group company of Japanese companies, but we aim to be a company that can
lead beyond Japanese engineers.
The salary is also high. It is maintained at a level higher than the average salary of
Japanese companies. You will have the opportunity to raise your salary after an interview
every six months.
Regarding welfare programs, we have implemented a system that allows employees to
work with peace of mind at all times, depending on the situation and circumstances, as
well as standard insurance.
In addition, various events (company trips, exchange meetings, activity clubs) are held to
deepen exchanges.

・ Japanese interpreter at the meeting
・ Translation of Japanese documents
・ Participate in system development project
・ Meeting facilitator
・ Document creation
We carry out these tasks in close communication with the engineers.
$800 ~ $1,700 (USD)

Project Manager for marketing system platform

Ho Chi Minh City

1. The product development with a higher responsibility -lead the entire launch.
2. Valuable experience of large amount of data processing and high-speed data processing.
3. Knowledge of digital marketing technology that will be developing in the future.

Application development management for the marketing DX support service platform. (Owned products)
The platform with the largest market share in the industry.

・To MANAGE software development project including but not limited to project planning, project budgeting, resource management, risk management, quality management
・To WORK with Resource Manager, Japan Development Department for resource staffing request.
・To CO-ORDINATE with Technical Architect in Technical Risk/Issue Detection and Management
・To CO-ORDINATE with Japan's IT or infra Department for infrastructure setup if requested: Development environment setting, Security Scan, Release Preparation etc..
・To CO-ORDINATE with QC Team to define/tailoring software development process, Quality control Process to ensure high quality product base on Quantitative quality
Standards ( ISO,CMM )
・To CO-ORDINATE with other project Stakeholder such as Requirement Definition Team, QC, CC etc. to make sure that the projects meet clients’ requirements.
・To MANAGE project Cost via Estimation and Daily Timesheet.
・To ORGANIZE a united team where all team members can communicate & contribute on assigned activities.
・To PRODUCE activity reports for all operations of the team (daily, weekly & ad-hoc)
・To PARTICIPATE in the quarterly check point and annual evaluation for all project’s members
・To PERFORM other tasks requested by PMO.
・To MAKE a development WBS and Schedule to ensure Delivery Product on time.
$2,000 ~ $3,200 (USD)

Sales staff

Ho Chi Minh City
・Mainly development of new customers.・Responsible sales of plastic products sold by the company as an authorized distributor in Vietnam・ Proposal of resin materials to users(For example, proposal of new plastic materials to plastic kitchenware manufacturers and home appliance manufacturers)↓Importe resin (plastic raw material)↓Sell to processing factory
$700 ~ $1,200 (USD)

Legal Staff

- Business legal support in general
- Procedural work for public Agencies/ Authorities
- Business Trip to domestic, foreign group affiliates
$800 ~ $1,000 (USD)

Web Frontend (UI/UX) Developer

Ho Chi Minh City
Develop UX (USER EXPERIENCE)/ UI (User Interface) for web systems ultilizing cloud environment such as AWSS using Java script, HTM5, CSS & AjaxDevelop high performance data presentation interface using graphs/ charts generation libraries/ modulesDevelop cool applications which provides the interactions with users in order to enhance the user experienceWrite program documentation.
$350 ~ $1,500 (USD)

Mobile (iSO/ Android) application Developer

Ho Chi Minh City
Design & develop application for mobile information devices such as iOS and/or Android Develop various types of Smartphone application such as utilities/ tools, games, entertaimentDevelop large scale Smartphone application intergrating with server side cloud services such as MBaaSSystem design including basic & detail design Writing program documentationPrepare & perform unit test
$400 ~ $1,500 (USD)

Makerting Staff

Ho Chi Minh City
*NOT URGENT*if we have very potential candidate, please recommend
$1,000 ~ $1,000 (USD)

Sales Manager

Ho Chi Minh City
OLD ID: 1362・Manage the Sales team and sales activities of each members・Negotiate with local Distributors(trở thành trợ thủ đắc lực của giám đốc kinh doanh người nhật giống Mr. Thien paramound bed) ・Managing and operating business team (PG team)(the candidate who have selling background in Unicharm, Ajinomo, Nisshin...)
$1,000 ~ $1,500 (USD)

CS Staff

Ho Chi Minh City
Receive and update orders to SAP system, coordinate order information.Inventory management of finished goods, tracking exports, preparing documentsImplementation of assigned projectsPrepare monthly reportContact, meet customersJapanese translation and interpretation upon requestOther jobs as assigned by manager
$500 ~ $1,000 (USD)

Japanese Translator (Product Coordination)

Ho Chi Minh City
Translate and interpret JapaneseMainly translate product documents, emails contacting with Japanese factoriesIn charge of shipping to the Japanese factorySecretary work, support other members of the department when needed
$1,000 ~ $1,200 (USD)

Credit Officer

Ho Chi Minh City
Workflow: Receiving customer information, requirement Proposing to the superior about customer Making Customer Profile If client is approved → Proceed with the next steps following the process to perform sign a contract with the customer Follow up the process of handing over the equipment → monitor the debt recovery(Customers from the company’s source + Proactive customers)
$600 ~ $700 (USD)


Ho Chi Minh City
$700 ~ $870 (USD)

Trader Staff

Ho Chi Minh City
- Trader staff in Food department.(Perishable food&Japanese food): Purchasing,Quality management/Trading/Accounting/Client relations..- Looking for someone who can grow up(Company will train this staff take 0.5~1yr) 
$500 ~ $700 (USD)