Anime theme park in Japan

Here is for fans of manga and anime! What do you think about enjoying your favorite storybook or movie in a real natural space, not on paper or on the screen? Let's explore

NIJIGEN NOMORI - Anime Theme Park

of the Pasona Group.


Cool Japan x Nature x Technology

Games such as anime and manga that you often enjoy indoors, facing the screen or paper. It is an anime park made in Japan that allows you to experience the world of these "two-dimensional contents" while moving your body using your five senses. Think of it as "a place where screens and papers spread throughout the forest". Using the latest technology, adding "new value" to cool Japan content such as animation, such as fantastic attractions that create the illusion of getting lost in the work and activities that follow the world view of 2D content We will provide you with a unique "two-dimensional experience".

Different attractions day and night!
The expression of Nijigen Nomori changes completely depending on the time of day. From 10:00 to 17:00 during the daytime, the attractions of the family, with guests screaming, will move around in the nature, with the guests of the family as the center. After 18:00 at night, when the forest is covered in darkness, a beautiful and fantastic two-dimensional world will appear with the latest technology and new expression methods. This is an unprecedented attraction that can be realized at night and in the vast outdoors. It is a park with two expressions, day and night, that maximizes the outdoor environment.


Please wear comfortable clothes.

In Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park, hydrangeas and cherry blossoms bloom depending on the season, and you can also see rare migratory birds and fireflies. This is a place rich in nature with a nostalgic view of a satoyama that has been around since ancient times in Japan. It is a huge park with a site area of ​​about 28 Tokyo Domes, so walking from one end to the other takes 40 minutes or more with an adult male foot. In addition, some areas are like mountain trails, so we recommend that you wear clothes that are easy to move in.