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Company profile - Pasona Tech Vietnam

In February of 2004, Pasona Tech Vietnam was establised in Ho Chi Minh City / Hanoi in order to meet the needs of Japanese firms abroad. Since its establishment, PASONA GROUP has used job creation to pursue its central corporate philosophy of 'solving society's problems' and aims at building a better society by creating various employment infrastructures. In today's world " of rapid globalization, the number of Japanese-affiliated companies expanding into the Vietnam market is proliferating at an "eye-opening rate.

Having cultivated their skills in Japan, each and every one of our staff can provide professional service and know-how to satisfy all of your hiring needs, even in Vietnam. By assisting with the recruitment duties of Vietnam Japanese - affiliated companies, we hope that we can contribute to the development of your business in Vietnam.

  • Company name:
    Pasona Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  • Address:
    4th Floor, E.Town 1 , 364 Cong Hoa Str., Tan Binh Dist.,Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
    9th Floor Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hoan Kiem Dist., Hanoi City,Vietnam
  • Established:
    December 2004
  • Business details:
    Personnel recruitment, Human resource consulting
  • Telephone number:
  • Representative Director:
    President: Koichi Morimoto
    General Director: Seiichi Furuya

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