GENERAL SALES MANAGER Chi tiết tuyển dụng của

Chi tiết tuyển dụng

Ngành nghề Manufacturing
Nội dung công việc ●Achieve planned periodic sales goals to dealers and deliveries to users.
●Establish acceptable sales target for dealers according to size of the territory.
●Encourage dealers to anticipate demand from customers and make up accurate forecast of sales
●Train dealers and dealer sales personnel on the products, product presentations, writing specifications into bids and proper closing of deals.
●Conduct quick processing of CPA approval.
●Collect and maintain of customer information in the territory.
●Notify available promotion programs to dealers and customers and encourage efficient utilization.
●Assure that dealers maintain an acceptable level of Hino Sales Standards. (Inventories, Trained Sales People, Facilities, etc.)
●Prompt resolutions to customer’s complaints to HINO sales (the products, attitude, etc.) and report to related PIC in HQ.
●Encourage prompt delivery report, accurate records, etc. and assure that dealers are complying with Hino sales policies.
●Encourage dealers to place orders in timely manners, in advance.
●Encourage dealers to submit accurate records of all business including orders, price, inventory and deliveries, and to maintain these records

1Assisting Fleet Sales
-Collecting information of fleet customers.
-Assignment of proper dealer to each deal.
-Close and intimate communication with dealers and fleet customers
2.Assisting Dealer Development and Management
-Periodic dealer evaluations related to sales activities.
-Reporting complaints and specific requests to HINO from dealers
-Observation on new dealer set-up process
-Recruitment of acceptable dealers
3.Assisting Marketing and Product Planning
-Encourage dealers to properly participate in sales promotion programs.
-Encourage dealers to participate local events and assist by participation when necessary.
-Enhancement and maintenance of HINO brand equity in the territory.
-Planning, execution and result checking of sales promotion programs in the territory
-Arrangements and participation upon product planning surveys in cooperation with dealers
4.Assisting Logistics
-Updating necessary delivery timing to customers and dealers or body-builders
-Inventory control at dealers
-Comprehension of delivery status of the products
5.Assisting Financial
-Collection of accounts receivable.
-Observation of dealer financial situation

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Kinh nghiệm công việc cần thiết ●Having experience of successful dealer sales experience, preferably in the trucking or heavy equipment industry more than 3years
●Positive thinking, dedicate to sales job and goal-oriented.
●Interpersonal skills, prioritization, organization, time management. Solid written and oral communication skills.
●Having ability to manage and motivate sales people with whom he/she has no direct control.
●Willingness to travel frequently
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