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Chief Accountant Negotiable (USD)
Nghề nghiệp Chief Accountant
Ngành nghề Manufacturing
Nội dung công việc 1.Creating and Maintaining Financial Systems
2. Prepare monthly Trial Balance, P/L and Balance Sheet
3. Cost control & prevention of Protit leaks
4. Maintain sash and bank accounts.
5. Payment to vendors. Verification of purchase documents.
6. Prepare and monitor buget. Prepare cash flow.
7. Document control (vouchers, invoices, receip & payment voucher etc).
8. Budget preparation.
9. Stock accounting and balancing
10. Monthly Quarterly, Yearly Audit stock
11. Bank negotiation of export documents.
12. Debtors & Creditors Managerment.
13. Ensuring Consumables purchased at right orice and in minimum required quantity.
14. Ensure no misuse of consumables.
15. Filling VAT and other returns and claim VAT at appropriate time.
16. Borrowing fund and re-payment funt control.
17. Report and negotiation with Bank for Credit line & fund
18. Updating & Check the new law and inform Directors if necessare
19. Maintains positive colleague interactions with good working relationship
20. Using Foreign Currency Report to State Bank
21. Implementation Situation Projects Report to IPM & Statistic Dept.
22. Personal Incom Tax, Turn Over, Export, Domestic Sale, Stock, Production report to Tax Dept.
23. Social Insurance, Health Insurance Report and claim for employee.
24. Provides sufficient training and development opportunities to ensure employees are confident, well trained and professionally equiped to deal with the demands of their function.
25. Working with Tax Officials./ Inspection Officials, Finance Officials, Trade officials, Statistic Officials.
26. Work with investment & Planning Officials, Social/Health Insurance Officials.
27. Labor- Invalids and Social Affairs Officials, Customs and bank officials.
28. Weekly Account Receivable & Payables report.
29. Maintain ISO/HACCP documents.
Tiền lương Negotiable (USD)
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Kinh nghiệm công việc cần thiết ●Having working experience of CA
●Good at English or Japanese
●Willing to work in Bac Ninh  
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